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Dive Cat Island is an extraordinary amenity at Hawk’s Nest Resort and Marina. Hawk’s Nest packs a lunch for you to enjoy during your service interval either anchored in the pristine Exuma Sound or making your way to another marine adventure.

Our dive instructor are known for their meticulous attention to safety applied with a relaxed island manner that creates a pleasant environment to explore the underwater world of Cat Island. At Dive Cat Island, we make it a point to individualize our services to accommodate what each diver wants to experience. Anywhere from the abundance of life living on shallow ledges to the massive great hammerheads that frequents our walls. With no major tourism on the island, our boat will be the only one in these untouched dive locations!

Great family fun starts with a snorkeling excursion in our unspoiled waters. Your snorkel adventure starts with a brief orientation of the aquatic marine life that inhabit the shallow reefs of Cat Island. Learning about what you might encounter and then actually being face to face with it, will broaden your appreciation for the captive crystal clean waters. You will be taken in our 43′ dive boat with all gear included – $300 for boat excursion for three hours.


When no one else is diving in the southern Bahamas, we are exploring the reefs of Cat Island. Hawk’s Nest 450 acre property is located in a position which allows good diving conditions at all times with rooms are overlooking the Exuma sound. This is the lee side of Cat Island and there is little current, making for easy and safe dive planning for all scuba divers or beginners. Just minutes away from the marina lies the Atlantic shelf. There are thousands of swim-throughs, tunnels, and gullies that follow the whole south coast. Therefore, you can visit the shallow reefs for long bottom time or go over the wall – whichever you desire. The following is just a glance at a few sites you might encounter if you decide to visit us.

Hole in The Wall: Distance 12 miles (50-100ft.) This dive site shows another spectacular break in the wall following Cat Island’s south coast. At a depth of about 30 feet we find an underwater buoy which marks the entrance to a small channel with the structure of an “L”. In the channel we find lobster or even spotted drums. We follow the landscape’s left hand side which leads us through sandy slopes to an impressive archway at a depth around 90 feet, with a big bush of black coral, which leads to the shallower areas again. At this site, we often watch southern stingrays searching for food in the sandy areas, reef sharks, a territorial huge dog snapper, great barracudas and a variety of groupers. We find almost any kind of soft and hard coral, as this place is a deep and shallow dive in one.

Anchor: Distance 10 miles (30-55ft.) Named after an anchor more than 100 years old. This is a shallower dive around 60 feet. The spur and groove reef formations are perfect structures to swim through and just relax. Large stands of elkhorn coral, a bright variety of common and Venus sea fans, Nassau grouper, cowfish, trunkfish and porcupine fish abound in these shallows.

The Oz: Distance 7 miles (55-100ft.) Large tunnels and canyons overgrown with soft corals, home to turtles, some territorial reef sharks and a big variety of reef fish of any color, this site is like diving in wonderland. Colorful, somehow mysterious and even more spectacular leading to the wall, this dive is one of the top dive sites of Cat Island. Besides the above, expect to see hogfish, Nassau and other grouper and oceanic triggerfish.

The Playground: Distance 3.1 miles (50-100ft.) At the tip of Devil’s Point, starting at a 50 foot depth, is our “Playground”. This is Hawk’s Nest’s number one dive site. There is such a diverse underwater landscape, that you can dive the playground twenty times and never realize you are on the same dive site. High profile coral formations abound, with swim-throughs, holes, valleys and plateaus. At 80 feet where the drop-off becomes more vertical, you have a great chance of seeing reef sharks, nurse sharks and an occasional hammerhead.

Twilight Zone: Distance 1 mile (70-110ft.) The boat stops above the sandy bottom just beside the wall. This sandy area is home to thousands of garden eels and razor fish hiding in the sand. The wall starts at 70 feet and is built by hard corals such as brain and star corals of any kind. At the wall there is a big chance of seeing bigger fish, such as southern stingrays, turtles and schools of oceanic triggerfish.

Sailboat: Distance .5 miles (40ft.) Our sailboat lies at 40 foot depth just out of Hawk’s Nest marina. It is a small sailboat lying in the sand between some nice coral blocks. The area behind the boat leading towards the coast offers some pretty coral heads to explore and you’ll be able to see all kinds of reef fish like queen triggerfish, barracuda, squirrelfish and parrotfish of any kind. Expect also, conches, southern stingrays and an occasional reef shark. This is also used as our training site for scuba reviews and open water classes.

Tartar Bank: Distance 6 miles (40-60ft.) This offshore pinnacle, 6 miles out of Hawk’s Nest Marina, is one of the top dive sites of Cat Island. Due to occasional currents, it is only recommended to experienced divers. The plateau of the pinnacle is around 1 to 3 miles in diameter. In general, there are numerous places to discover on this pinnacle. This site is especially famous for its regular sightings of reef sharks and white tip sharks and big turtle sightings are common. Besides that, expect everything!

Trench: Distance 8 miles (45-100ft.) Due to the surge over the past 100 years, massive tunnels and cannons have been created along this wall. We enter the spur and grove formations at 45 feet and drop down to 70 feet. This path leads you to the most vertical wall you have ever seen. This dive is where you can appreciate the spectacular color transitions of the crystal clear blue Bahamian water.

Jagged Edge: Distance 2.5 miles (70-100ft.) Come and visit “Spooky” the house hammerhead shark that lives in the jagged pinnacles. “Dive Cat Island” reserves this dive for advanced divers due to its depth. Purple sponges, black coral, and massive brain corals create the most alive/unique coral wall in all of the Bahamas.

Circles: Distance 4 miles (20-30ft.) Exclusive training dive, perfect for divers and snorkelers to have an underwater experience together. There is an abundance of juvenile fish and eels just waiting to be photographed.

Rum Reef: Distance 3 miles (20-30ft.) Thousands of conch nestle around the reef. Curious cowfish and a great barracuda inhabit Rum Reef. Several swim-throughs to enjoy while you relax at the shallow depth.

Fish Bowls: (20-30ft.) From micro to macro, this shallow dive will ensure a long bottom time with an enormous amount of life! A photographer’s paradise includes: schools of goat fish, Atlantic spadefish, yellow tail and mutton snapper. White spotted eels are numerous, along with nurse sharks and lobster. You will experience a spider crab refuge and cleaning stations as you follow the reef’s ledge.