Hawk's Nest Airstrip

Pilots, Fly Right In

Hawk's Nest Airstrip

The airstrip at Hawk’s Nest Resort & Marina, Cat Island, Bahamas

Located 130 miles southeast of Nassau and 300 miles from Ft. Lauderdale, 48-mile long Cat Island stretches from north to south. The New Bight (MYCB) airstrip is the port of entry while the Hawk’s Nest newly resurfaced 3100′ private airstrip lies just 13 miles by air to the south. Hawk’s Nest boasts the newest privately owned airstrip in the Bahamas, which sits just 300′ from all accommodations.

Departing from the U.S. is a simple process. You need not depart from any designated port, but you are required to file a DVFR International Flight Plan prior to crossing the U.S. coastline. You must land at an Airport of Entry upon your initial arrival in the Bahamas.

Customs on Cat Island closes at official sunset so plan accordingly. You are not permitted to land in the Bahamas after official sunset, unless you have filed an IFR flight plan and your first arrival is at Freeport or Nassau.

Flights Over Water
In addition to all the items usually aboard the aircraft, the following items are mandatory and must be on board during a flight over water trip.

  • 1 Coast Guard approved live vest for each soul on board.
  • Proper identification for all passengers and crew.

The equipment below is recommended for flying to the Bahamas:

  • Aircraft insurance policy with Bahamas endorsement.
  • A life raft(s) large enough to accommodate all persons on board.
  • An emergency survival kit including food.
  • An EPIRB.
  • A tie down kit.
  • Engine oil.